Cool Art. Cool Puzzles.

The Joy of Art

Piece together every stroke.

A much more intimate way to take in the artwork, and an alternative method of collecting art.


They’re making it, let’s support!

Representation and opportunities have a considerable impact in an artist's career.

This collaboration is a bridge between us -the art lovers, and them -the creators.

A percentage of the proceeds of each puzzle sold go directly to the artist, generating a passive income for them.


Our puzzles are made with chipboard created from recycled paper products, and it's 100% recyclable.

The goal is to be as eco-friendly as possible, without compromising quality for perfectly-fitting pieces!

Stress Relief

Piecing a jigsaw puzzle is doing something with your hands and eyes, that doesn't involve screens.

We all could use some slowing down, and a moment to practice staying present. Might as well immerse our senses in something beautiful and thoughtful, while supporting living, working artists!